Kicking up a stink – Aesop A.P.C Post-Poo Drops

APC Post-Poo DropsI’m very sensitive to a micro trend me. And the word on the street (not to mention in the bathroom) is that A.P.C Post Poo-drops are big. A product that emerged through a collaboration between trendy fashion label A.P.C and uber-cool skincare brand Aesop they’re an absolute must-have in the office of one of my friends, where everyone seems to have a bottle and, one presumes, particularly obnoxious bowel movements.

If you’re unfamiliar with the product it’s essentially a posh way of masking any unwanted smells after you’ve visited the toilet. A Swedish friend of mine used to do this by striking a match, which worked a treat, but I must say I was reluctant to adopt the technique in case I accidentally blew up my bathroom in the process (I love baked beans).

These drops are much safer and, thanks to a delightful combo of citrus oils, smell much better too. To use you simply administer three drops to the toilet bowl post-fush. Surely the ultimate gift for the person who has everything, except fragrant plops.