‘Forgotten’ Fragrances worth re-discovering

Like many men of a certain age, watching Netflix’s Halston reminded me of the designer’s incredible men’s fragrances – especially the wonderful Z-14 which, though it launched in the mid-seventies, was still very much in the public consciousness in the eighties.

On the back of that I immediately ordered a bottle online and quickly discovered when talking to friends that I wasn’t the only one who had (its current distributors must be thrilled). Like many fragrances that have fallen from favour it is still remembered fondly – and is still hugely wearable. It’s also encouraging to see guys who weren’t even born when it launched – and in some cases whose parents weren’t even born – curious about its worth. But Z-14 isn’t the only ‘forgotten’ fragrance worth rediscovering – there are lots. So, for my first piece for luxury site Robb Report I take a look at Halston’s Z-14 and some other forgotten fragrances worth rediscovering in 2021. Is one of your favourites amongst them? Find out by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “‘Forgotten’ Fragrances worth re-discovering

  1. I did EXACTLY the same thing! A bottle of Z-14 was winging its way to me before episode 3 had even finished! Loving wearing that and, of course, another of your beloved favourites, Beene’s “Grey Flannel” for which I will be eternally indebted to you for putting me on to many years ago.

    1. I wish I was on a percentage for Grey Flannel! I feel a great satisfaction when I turn someone on to it.
      What’s great about these type of fragrances is that they don’t cost the earth either – and you get massive bottles! Result!

      1. And the grey bags look quite nifty on the shelf! You’re right, they don’t cost the earth and still smell amazing. I’ve even had other people buying it after a whiff so your percentage would be quite hefty.

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