Ten great moisturisers for men

best-moisturisersI’m often asked to recommend my favourite moisturisers and if you happen to be looking for one my recent piece for telegraph.co.uk will certainly help point you in the right direction, regardless of your skin type or the size of your wallet. To see my picks simply click here or on the image above. Happy New Year – and happy hydrating!

3 thoughts on “Ten great moisturisers for men

  1. Steve

    He doesn’t half write a load of old bollocks though. Regarding Bulldog he says it doesn’t have nasties like sodium laureth sulfate. When did a moisturiser ever contain foaming agents? Shampoos, shower gels, yes it’s in them. But moisturiser? I guess he just reads the marketing handout.

    1. Whilst SLS are uncommon in moisturisers they are uncluded – controversially – in moisturising poducts like Aqueous Cream which is used by millions as an emollient for dry skin conditions. And regarding the bollocks bit – I still think Bulldog products are ‘the dog’s’.

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