Jax Coco coconut oil – you’d be nuts not to give it a go

jax-coco-extra-virgin-centrifuged-coconut-oil-570-pI’ve been a fan of coconut oil ever since a friend suggested I try some after raving about how good it was good for everything from digestive health to problematic skin complaints. I’ve been adding a tablespoon to my smoothies ever since and have recently been using it for oil pulling (an ancient technique where you swish oil in between your  teeth to remove bacteria and gunk from between the teeth) and have been treating dry skin patches with it too. It certainly makes a great moisturiser and this Extra Virgin Centrifuged Coconut Oil, from Jax Coco, has become my favourite because it’s so rapidly absorbed and never feels greasy.

As with most natural products there are plenty of sceptics out there who’ll knock any claims made by those who use coconut oil (for every person who says they’ve found it beneficial I’m sure you’ll find a scientist ready to shoot them down) but there is some evidence to suggest the lauric acid it contains has antimicrobial properties and that coconut oil can speed up the metabolism. And, of course, there’s plenty of positive anecdotal evidence (always ignored by the scientific community) of its various benefits. Personally, I’m a fan so if you’ve always wondered what all the hype about coconut oil is about why not give it a go yourself?

Available from jaxcoco.com.uk

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