Well, did you evah? It’s Iggy & Debbie for Paco Rabanne

IGGY POP DEBBIE HARRYI’m not much of a fan of celebrity endorsements when it comes to fragrance – except, that is, when the celebrities in question just happen to be people I adore. Which is why I absolutely love Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry getting together to front the new, limited edition “Be a Legend” versions of Paco Rabanne’s perennially popular Black XS. It’s a marriage made in rock ‘n’ roll heaven, they both look fantastic and hey, isn’t it nice to see a couple of legendary rockers-of-a-certain-age for once, rather than some vacuous up-and-coming actor with his heavage hanging out and a woman clinging to his arm like she’s a Titanic survivor clinging to a piece of stray wood? I certainly think so.

Paco Rabanne Black XS Be A Legend Debbie Harry and Be A Legend Iggy Pop are available from Feb 16th. 

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