Abercrombie & Fitch launch Fierce Confidence and Fierce Intense

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH  FIERCE INTENSE FRAGRANCEIt’s hard to imagine, I know, but Abercrombie & Fitch are extending their Fierce fragrance line with an Intense version. I say hard to imagine because it’s difficult to contemplate an intense version of a fragrance already so ferocious that you can smell it halfway down Savile Road, exuding, as it does, from the very pores of the nearby A&F flagship UK store. The first concentrated version of the scent and apparently the strongest and longest lasting (be afraid) it retails for $118 in the States. And that’s not all – accompanying Fierce Intense is Fierce Confidence – an energetic, citrusy version of the Fierce fragrance. Both are coming to our shores soon. Like Ebola.

3 thoughts on “Abercrombie & Fitch launch Fierce Confidence and Fierce Intense

  1. John Wallace

    Fierce was watered-down years ago and isn’t strong at all now. I’m not surprised to see a Fierce Intense release. Lots of fans of Fierce have been asking for it since Fierce was changed.

  2. The One & Only

    Fierce Intense is still weak! A&F has destroyed Fierce over the years and have diluted it to the point of it only lasting 30 mins. If A&F want to stay in business they need to bring back the original 2002 red lettering Fierce scent and strength.

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