Looking for the perfect fragrance gift for Christmas?

I’m often asked at this time of year if I can recommend a few new fragrances that would make great Christmas gifts for men. Given that fragrance is a very subjective thing it’s always tricky and since I was asked recently to list a few for my Telegraph Men column I thought I may as well just point you in that direction rather than list them again here. A few of the new fragrances mentioned are ones that really impressed me this year whilst others are there because I think they’d make an impact on Christmas morning with certain types of guys. So, anyway, if you want to see my selection simply click on the image below. And feel free to call me out if you don’t agree with what I went for!


5 thoughts on “Looking for the perfect fragrance gift for Christmas?

  1. Thanks, mate! This is going to save me a LOT of time!

    And, you’re right about fragrance being subjective. But that’s part of what’s great about fragrance and what it adds to your sense of style—it’s a very personal signature.

    I’ll check these out—thanks again!

    1. Hi John,

      Hi John, My aim with he piece was to try to include something for everyone – from a 23 year old guy to a 45 year old one. In that respect, Invictus is perfect for younger, sportier guys and after all, it is this year’s biggest launch so it would be silly of me not to acknowledge it. I agree with you that the juice isn’t exactly radical but then a lot of guys don’t want radical!

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