Alpha Male? Then maybe you’ll like Shay & Blue’s Oud Alif

oud alfBritish perfumery is going from strength to strength at the moment, not least because of the ability of brands like Shay & Blue to create interesting, elegant and refined fragrances. I was a fan of their delicious Blood Oranges the minute I got a whiff of it and am told it’s now become a firm favourite with male customers.

Their latest offering, Oud Alif, is at the other end of the olfactory spectrum but is no less impressive. Alif, in case you don’t know, is Arabic for ‘Alpha’ so it’s an oud that has a lot to live up to but it doesn’t disappoint. It’s deliciously warm and smoky but creamy, chocolatey and leathery at the same time and there’s a dash of earthy patchouli in there too just to round things off. All in all the perfect fragrance for Autumn/Winter.

Available from Shay & Blue from the beginning of November priced £85 for 100ml Fragrance Concentrée

3 thoughts on “Alpha Male? Then maybe you’ll like Shay & Blue’s Oud Alif

  1. RobWales

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle of this fragrance a couple of months ago, and I certainly share your enthusiasm Lee. I think it’s the finest thing that Shay & Blue have produced so far. Highly recommendable!

  2. Ian-Ray-Todd

    It seems you fellow commentators all know as much as I do about this heavily sold new unisex perfume. Nothing else for it but to buy a bottle, then, even at the full price of £85.00 (although S & B do sell two millititre samples of some of their perfumes at a fiver a phial). However, as that works out at £2.50 per ml, to buy the full 100ml bottle @ less than £1.20 per ml is more than twice as economical, and not too fatally risky if you buy from someone with a generous returns policy, bearing in mind that if the friend you get it for isn’t overwhelmed, you can at worst add it to your own smells stock. Given the outlandish markups and stinky price-fixing tricks on all fragrances, though, we have to be insane to buy them (especially at SRP’s) at all. No doubt the discounters will get to this one as well by the time we know anything about it. It’s already last year’s newest whiff.

  3. Ian-Ray-Todd


    At £85.00 per 100ml, Oud Alif actually works out at 85p per ml – but then, that’s all the more reason to go straight for the full bottle rather than any available relatively overpriced two millilitre sample. Whatever we pay, at these prices, the aroma of two pounds of crushed precious oud has clearly affected our judgement. But some would conclude it must therefore be pretty good scent! It should certainly make an interesting change from the European classics…

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