Shay & Blue’s blood is worth bottling. Well, their Blood Oranges fragrance is anyway…

BloodOrange_FinalshayHe’s the ex Senior Vice President of Chanel and former Global General Manager of Jo Malone Ltd and she’s a talented, up-and-coming perfumer so what could go wrong? Well, nothing as it happens, because Dom De Vetta and Julie Massé know exactly what they’re doing with boutique fragrance brand Shay & Blue. 

The styling (with it meticulous attention to detail, is very Jo Malone (beautiful boxes, beautifully ribboned, only this time in blue) but the fragrances are much better, more rounded and muti-faceted. Blood Oranges, for example, is utterly delicious: it oozes dark, citrus juiciness to begin with but develops into a gorgeously leathery fragrance with musky overtones and a sensual woody, ambery base that’s both mysterious and a wee bit naughty. It’s about as far removed from what most people think of as citrus pefumery as you can get, is delightfully styled from start to finish and is made in England too.  I absolutely love it and I think you will too.

7136pWHLVOLShay & Blue’s Blood Oranges costs £55 for 100ml natural spray. For more information see Shay & Blue’s new London Boutique can be found at 80 York Street, Old Marylebone, London.

6 thoughts on “Shay & Blue’s blood is worth bottling. Well, their Blood Oranges fragrance is anyway…

  1. Oh now this sounds like a winner to me. A departure from your run of the mill citrus is a welcome visitor to my olfactory wardrobe. Thanks for the post. I am going on the hunt for this one.

  2. Quite so – citrus and leather with amber and musk, this sounds delightful. Will be hot footing my way over to Marylebone to find out more as soon as I Dandy well can.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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