YSL unveil Garrett Hedlund as new face of La Nuit de L’Homme

GARRETT HEDLUND PICTUREYou know what they say, sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. So I’m not going to say anything other than YSL have chosen american actor Garret Hedlund (Troy,  Tron Legacy, On The Road and the upcoming Coen Brothers film Inside Llewelyn Davis) as the new ambassador for their men’s fragrance La Nuit de L’Homme. What d’ya reckon?

7 thoughts on “YSL unveil Garrett Hedlund as new face of La Nuit de L’Homme

      1. I really like the first few minutes of La Nuit, but an hour or so later and it smells rather metallic and synthetic to my nose.

        I agree about the Boss fragrances though. I don’t even bother sampling them anymore!

  1. Phil

    Not too shabby!

    I like the fragrance but very easy to over apply and definitely not one for the day time. It’s also not one that I smell on others very often.

  2. Ashley Monroe

    Who are the actors in the commercial with Garrett hedlund, most specifically the last brunette with him in the end?? I need to know.

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