Washing powder for men? How’s that for a fresh approach to laundry?

distinctive-casualI really wanted to dislike Distinctive – a washing powder aimed exclusively men. Why? Well for the very fact that it’s a washing powder aimed exclusively for men. I mean, since when have washing powders been gender specific?

The truth is, though, I can’t. And here’s why – Distinctive smells great. And distinctive. Combining two scents (amber and sandalwood) commonly found in men’s fragrances because of their warm, sexy aroma, it’s been designed with a special bonding agent that adheres the fragrance to your clothes giving them a longer-lasting freshness.

It’s fun, clever, the packaging has the kind of washing tips even a domestic dundernut like me can understand and it’s British too. So if you’re not keen on smelling of eau de Ariel (and who is?) then why not pop some in your slot?

For more info go to distinctivewash.co.uk

3 thoughts on “Washing powder for men? How’s that for a fresh approach to laundry?

  1. James Rich

    Hi Lee, not convinced by this one. Have the same reservations as you – a washing powder AIMED at men?! – I didn’t realise there was a stigma attached to buying washing powder? Or am I missing it?

    Interesting though, and will give it a go based on your recommendation. Also, the fragrances sound interesting for a washing product.

  2. This must be marketed to men who think washing is girly. These uber-masculine macho men can’t be seen prancing around with Tide! They need something that tells everyone they are men.

    Amber and sandalwood? I can’t imagine this would be any good – not because of the combination but because they undoubtedly use cheap synthetics.

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