Nice products, shame about the name

mancaveTwo products have found their way on to my desk this week that manage to both delight an infuriate me. The first, is a rather good concealer (nice texture, colour and coverage and at £6.99 a great price) and the other is a new grooming range priding itself on its natural approach to skincare that smells great and is free of all the petrochemical industry’s natsy leftovers.

medium-shadeSo what’s my gripe? Well, for me, both products are let down by their names. Given that we now live in a positively post-metrosexual world, where using some kind of skincare (even if it’s just a face scrub) is pretty much part of most men’s lives it’s a shame that some companies still feel the need to heavily man-brand their products.

I know that blunt sign-posting is often necessary if your product is going to sit on a crowded supermarket shelf but surely Mancave can only be aimed at the ever-shrinking number of men who still think skincare is for sissies and need to be reassured that it’s still a butch –  nay, Neanderthal –  pursuit. And Mancealer is as daft a name as Guyliner, except the latter rolls off the tongue better.

I’ve personally always found the ‘man’ prefix superfluous and silly (though I still think the “For Men” tag has value for brands like Nivea, Clinique and L’Oreal who need to differentiate their men’s lines (often reformulated to suit men’s skin and its unique needs) from women’s. So come on guys, don’t spoil your perfectly good products with thoroughly daft names okay?

For more info about the Mancave grooming range see and to buy yourself a Mancealer go to

5 thoughts on “Nice products, shame about the name

  1. Completely agree Lee. It’s naming / marketing techniques like this that would make me completely ignore them altogether.
    I still have a bit of an issue with men’s skincare in general though to be honest. I think they need to either improve the ranges to cater for different skin types / concerns OR scrap them all together & educate men about what their skin needs & what products to pick from normal skincare lines.

  2. David Rouse

    Hi Lee, agree with your thoughts Lee, they look great products but the names put me off (having said that, I will order the Mancealer). It is interesting that Male ranges are more and more going down the petrochemical free route. I am thinking of Bulldog and Billy Jealousy (both have great products). I don’t have a particularly sensitive skin but I find products that are SLS, Parben free are top performers. Cheers Rousey

      1. Rousey

        Hi Lee, i just wanted to update you on my thoughts; in Sainsbury I picked the Mancave moisturiser, shampoo and deodorant. I am very, very impressed, particularly the moisturiser which smells and feels great; leaves your skin looking great, with the right level of “sheen”. Just a Shame about the name and marketing though… Cheers David

  3. Fully agree!! This is a very very fine line. Adding ‘For Men’ or – designed, created, engineered, developed, formulated for men, guys…even lads – adds value because it builds confidence and gives reassurance to men. Not to mention that you can’t say this on pack unless you can back it up!! Basing your branding around it as per the above lowers the tone and makes it tacky.

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