David Beckham reveals men’s worst grooming mistake

It could have been anything: rushing the morning shave, not wearing enough deodorant or just overdoing the aftershave, but when asked by Men’s Health what men’s biggest grooming mistake was David Beckham revealed his personal bathroom bête noir to be…overplucked eyebrows. Bad memories of the above advertising shoot maybe?

Check out the Icon Stylefile featuring Becks in the December issue of Men’s Health.

One thought on “David Beckham reveals men’s worst grooming mistake

  1. Ha ha classic David Beckham! To be fair though, he’s got a point!
    Overly plucked eyebrows can look really creepy on a man – it’s best to leave that sort of thing to the experts! Mind you saying that, Becks would probably still look the part with overly plucked eyebrows – it seems he can pull off just about any look!

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