James Bond 007: the fragrance. Or one of them anyway…

The press release for next month’s launch of Procter & Gamble’s new James Bond 007 fragrance might say “the world’s first male fragrance dedicated to the legendary British spy” but a quick search on Google reveals that someone officially (or unofficially) got there first in 1996 with this stunning-looking eau de toilette. And whilst I doubt there’s  much difference in smell, this version does look decidedly….well, George Lazenby. Know what I mean?

6 thoughts on “James Bond 007: the fragrance. Or one of them anyway…

  1. That’s not the first, there was a James Bond scent on sale in the early 90s and was widely sold in cheap shops. I recall drinking a bottle as part of a dare. It was branded like Timothy Dalton’s Bond so it must have been vintage even then.

  2. The bottle is down right hiddious! I was looking forward to this release but now I think I will just defect to SPECTER. They probably have much classier scents to offer. Scents like Blowfied Pour Homme, Dr. No de Cologne . Pussy Galore Flower Bomb, Eau de Goldfinger…or Le Chiffre For Men Sport

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