Remington’s Horizon Beard Trimmer – have batteries will travel.

As a beard wearer I’m always on the look out for the perfect trimmer for my face furniture. My personal favourite (and the one I use most) is the Remington MB32OC which is just about the most reliable I’ve come across.

The company’s latest creation, the Horizon, is fairly similar except that it’s a teeny bit smaller and battery powered rather than mains chargeable, with a RRP £10 less than my favourite model. In fairness, I’m not quite sure what the advantages of the Horizon are though its lower price makes it a great entry point gadget for newbies and the use of batteries over mains does make it ideal for travel. Still, worth a punt.

Available from Amazon, priced £14.99

One thought on “Remington’s Horizon Beard Trimmer – have batteries will travel.

  1. daniel

    That looks good ive just ordered one. Can i have some advice, i have stubble and i use a tazorac at night. everyone in this lovely weather is looking wonderful and brown( or bright red ) but guess inm too sensible and i wear a good factor 50. is there such a thing as a fake tan for your face that you can apply frequestly maybe daily even . Im scared stiff of looking orange or completely fake ( i wak around harvey nicks and my jw hits the floor at some of the sights. I guess because i use a retinoid at night my skin is getting that treatment that would peel away any fake tan . So i just wanted to look healthy and not like a freak, Thank you

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