Mansome: new documentary, same old (boring) subject

The other day I received an email asking me whether I’d like to share some of the grooming tips from Mansome, Morgan Spurlock’s ‘tongue-in-cheek’ documentary about the explosion of men’s grooming, with my readers. The short answer is nope. I base this on a. having seen the trailer and b. because of the film’s gut-wrenchingly awful name. And this, even though I love the name Morgan Spurlock, which sounds for all the world like a Medieval porn star, especially if you sandwich le between fore and surnames.

Seemingly, the documentary itself explores the “funny world of male grooming.” Quite why using a face scrub, beard trimmer or slapping on a face mask now and then is a source for hilarity thesedays I can’t quite fathom. Unless you’re the kind of person who finds Michael MacIntyre amusing, of course, in which case I guess it might well be pant-wettingly funny.

Personally, I find the trailer eye-rollingly awful and the subject matter – a deceased horse even C4 have long since ceased to flog –  fantastically old hat (or in Morgan’s case old wimple perhaps). If it had been released in the early 90s it might have been interesting I suppose. But, really, is the ‘sensation’ of men taking care of their appearance really, well… a sensation in 2012? Given that I know men who treat ball-shaving, eyebrow threading and spray tanning like a trip to the footie (indeed, quite often as preparation for a trip to the footie) I think not.

Come to think of it, was it ever? I mean, it’s not as if men taking care of their appearance is a remotely new thing. Did men in Tudor times not wear drop-pearl earrings and fiddle endlessly with their codpieces? Did Georgian men not wear wigs and powder their cheeks? And did Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes not wear more make up on his wedding day than his model wife Julie Anne?

So really, male grooming as sensationalist rib-tickling documentary making? Please. It’s not clever and it sure ain’t funny.

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