Hairy knuckles? Don’t worry Debenhams will sort you out!

So much is made of men’s ongoing battle with hairy backs and shoulders that it’s easy to forget that many of men are just as worried about having hairy knuckles.

Luckily, a solution is (literally) at hand thanks to Debenhams. They’re now offering a threading service for anyone with hairy hands. For those of you not familiar with threading it’s the ancient Indian art of hair removal involving a cotton thread to whip the hairs out from the root. Treatments start from a fiver, don’t hurt (much) and are available from Benito Brow Bars at Beauty Hall, Debenhams. You don’t have to book and don’t worry, you’re de-furred behind frosted glass.

Will men be flocking for the treatment? Perhaps, but at least one of my Twitter pals won’t. Alerting him to the service on the social media site he instantly replied: “I like my hairy knuckles – its the only place I’m not either grey or bald!”


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