Coming soon: The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

It doesn’t have a UK release date yet but look out this year for Gillette’s answer to Wilkinson Sword’s multi-functional Quattro Titanium Precision – the Fusion ProGlide  Styler.

Already available in America, this hand-held hybrid between a wet razor and a beard trimmer is touted as the ultimate tool for taming facial fuzz. Not only can you use it to shave around your goatee/jazz spot or beard you can use the edging blade to create precision styles and use the trimmer combs that will come with it to trim your facial hair to a length that suits.

Given that razor manufacturers are suffering because of the trend for facial hair in the wake of these tough economic times, it’s a timely effort by Gillette to breathe some life back into the shaving market and confirmation, if confirmation were needed, that the beard is well and truly back. It’s just a pity I was 10 years ahead of the trend by having one myself. You can be too ahead of the curve you know.


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