Ask the Guru: can I exercise my facial muscles?

Absolutely. According to Mike Gianelli, author of Facebuilder For Men (and a man who’s devised special workouts for your the face), slack facial muscles are the primary cause of the sagging skin and droopy jowls many of us develop as we hurtle into middle age and beyond. The fact that facial muscles aren’t connected to bone, as our other muscles are, is good news because this means that toning them up may help actually lifts skin they’re attached to.

For a quick workout Gianelli recommends opening your mouth, rolling your lips over your teeth forcefully then pulling the corners of your mouth towards your back teeth. Count to thirty-five and release. Then repeat five times, three times a day. Preferably when nobody’s looking.

If you can’t be bothered to do that you could always invest in a product like the Slendertone Face which exercises your facial muscles for you. It’s expensive though and does feel a little like you’re having a series of minor strokes until you get used to the sensation.

Personally I’m with the French who say happiness is the best facelift.

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