Lynx bases latest fragrance on The Apocalypse

Let’s face it, it takes some front for a brand to capitalise on the end of the world. And yet, that’s what Lynx (who else?) have done with their latest fragrance The Final Edition, inspired by – of all things – the Mayan Calendar.

A fragrance combining ginger peel and an ‘effervescent’ cola accord the marketing concept is, of course, ‘get the girl before the world ends!’ This is either devilishly clever and hilariously funny (you can hear my ribs cracking right?) or fantastically crass and, actually,  faintly disrespectful to indigenous Mayans who, I suspect, took their beliefs very seriously indeed.

But to me there’s one fatal flaw to all this anyway. If the world were really ending and you wanted to squeeze in one last roll in the hay before it did would a body spray smelling of cola really be your weapon of choice? No, it wouldn’t be mine either.

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