What next for celebrity fragrances?

With Tulisa from X-Factor launching her first fragrance The Female Boss tomorrow (expect a few bum notes there) it’s tempting to imagine what other celebrity scents might be lurking around the corner.

What next? Dappy’s Dong – a somewhat limp, overexposed fragrance nobody wants to go near? Lady Gaga’s Insufferable Pretentiousness*? Or Lindsay Lohan’s refreshingly cool scent  Midnight Morgue maybe? Or, hey, how about Gary Barlow’s long-awaited signature scent I Am Beige? Answers on a postcard please. Or in the comments section if you can be bothered.

* Created by the House of Marley

2 thoughts on “What next for celebrity fragrances?

  1. I really do find the celeb fragrance gravy train a heart breaker. I will be driven from the country when we get celebrity chef scents with hints of their favourite dishes

  2. Another Paul

    I always found it amusing that Puff Daddy called his fragrance ‘Unforgivable’.

    Not exactly the most flattering of labels to stick on one’s perfume launch, surely?

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