What really irritates men about shaving

This week Gillette revealed the results of a survey exploring how irritable us Brits are (they have a new Gillette Series ‘Irritable Defence’ range out see). It turns out that technology breaking down gets on our nerves, 32% of us hate queueing for things and 57% of us feel irritated every day (me by daft press releases usually).

Funnily enough, I was conducting my own little survey on here last week with a snap poll on men’s biggest shaving concerns. The results are even more illuminating. Nicks and cuts were in fourth place, razor burn in third and the nightmare that is ingrown hairs was second, with just over 29% of the votes. But the thing that annoys men most about shaving? Well, it turns out to be the cost of blades, with just over 36% of votes. Now that really is something to get irritated about.

PS. As a fascinating footnote to this post, it’s interesting to see that shaving products top this year’s list of ‘High Risk Items’ on Checkpoint’s Global Retail Theft Barometer – a global index of what consumers are swiping from shops.

5 thoughts on “What really irritates men about shaving

  1. Ebbo

    I hate shaving. I find the new proglide by Gilette less comfortable than the mach 3. So I will switch back. Also, when I shave I use the new Biotherm Homme Aquapower D-Sensitive. It is specially for the sensitive skin, without alcohol and perfume. They have a whole range (cleansing, shaving foam and day creme).

  2. I HATE SHAVING! HOW TO SHAVE? everybody has their own techniques.
    Us men have it the same way, we share that common frustration.That is why those laser hair removal treatments and creams exists,

    Do you agree with this video? its my Top 5 reasons why i hate shaving:

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