Candle magic from Sepai

Like a lot of men, I’m a real sucker for a novelty or a gimmick and I’m no different when it comes to skincare. So the moment I clapped eyes on the Cosmetic Candle from luxury Spanish skincare company Sepai I was completely sold.

Free from nasties like paraffin or other potential allergens it’s a three-in-one product that releases a gentle, barely-there room fragrance, provides a nourishing liquid moisturser (it’s enriched with shea butter and ingredients to reinforce the skin’s protective barrier) and turns into a sensual massage oil when warm.  As much as anything, it’s just fun to use. You simply light it, wait for 10 minutes and then apply.  Skin-saving properties aside, it’s potential in the bedroom is huge. If you’re looking for a product to share I can’t think of anything better. Just add matches – and imgination!

The Sepai c1.2 Cosmetic Candle will be available from Urban Retreat at Harrods from October, priced £115 for 50g.

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