Oy Voi!

At my age it’s often difficult to stay down with the kids. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure I want to be. Frankly, I can barely bring myself to indulge in modern language like ‘amazeballs’ and ‘totes’ on Twitter so when the new fragrance from Voi Jeans landed on my desk a few months ago I filed it under misunderstood yoof at the back of my cupboard. But while rumaging through things today I gave it a smell and it’s actually not of half bad.

If you detect more than a hint of surprise it’s because I’ve learnt not to be all that impressed by mid-priced fragrances. But then, to be honest, I’ve learnt not to expect much from the one costing £40 or more either so

Voi Jeans, I’m reliable told, have a celebrity following including Amir Khan, Aston Merrygold from JLS and Zain from One Direction and I can actually see them all wearing this accompanying fragrance. Though a heady, heavy fragrance –  with considerable staying power – Voi Jeans For Him is actually not half bad and spot on for its target market of young urban lads. Think Hugo Boss’ generic but wearable Hugo meets Mugler’s ostentatious A*Men – fresh and lemony but sweet and musky too, with amber and vanilla. Amazeballs.

Voi Jeans For Him costs £25 for the 100m eau de toilette. Call 0870 850 3868 for stockists.

2 thoughts on “Oy Voi!

  1. Hmm even if it’s a decent fragrance, the fact that it’s presented in such a “youthful” presentation makes me want to avoid it. Maybe it’s age but I’m more into my classics like YSL M7 and Chanel Antaeus. Thanks for bringing this to my attention though, might give it a sniff.

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