Lab Series goes live

It’s been a long time coming but Lab Series, one of my favourite grooming brands, is finally selling its products online from its very own website Look out for great product exclusives and cool ‘gift with purchase’ offers (as I type there’s a free bathrobe with orders over £50). To check out the site click here.

2 thoughts on “Lab Series goes live

  1. I can understand your point of view but it’s not really any different than Gillette softening the language for the marketing of Gillette Venus by saying ‘release the goddess with in you’ which I find equally ridiculous given that it’s a product essentially created for men but made acceptable, by clever choice of language, for women.

    I have spent most of my career as a journalist communicating to different markets – teens, women and men in turn – by adapting language because, like it or not, we don’t all speak the same language. I have often described grooming products in language men tend to relate to in order to enable them to access the products more easily. I understand your point but believe that we’re in a transitional phase at the moment where there are still a large number of men out there scared by the notion of ‘grooming’ let alone ‘beauty’.

    My job is to convince them not to be and I, like, the writer whose blog entry you point out, can best do this, at the moment, in language men relate to. And often this vocabulary comes from the men themselves. I remember talking to a builder about sunscreen, for example, and he only really got it when he said ‘so it’s like a suit of armour for my skin?’, which is actually a great way of looking at it.

    What I do agree with you about is the idea that ‘girly’ is wrong and something to recoil from. To say, as I have myself in the past, “this is essentially a product for women men can use” is one thing but over-stress the idea that “you won’t look girly by using it” is an increasingly outdated mode of thinking.

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