Grooming Guru Essentials: Anthony Logistics Glycerine Hand and Body Lotion

Most men think nothing of slapping on a face cream every morning. For many of us it’s second nature. What we’re not quite so good at doing, though, is looking after our hands and body in quite the same way. Yet they too need a little care and attention. After all, hands are in constant view when we eat or drink and nobody likes to run their fingers over a body that’s dry, scaly and lumpy!

This great hand and body lotion comes with my seal of approval for a number of reasons – it’s easily absorbed, only very lightly fragranced and works a treat, for starters. But it’s also a credit-crunch-busting wonder that does hands, feet and body all in one, keeping you soft and supple top-to-toe. Brilliant!

Tip: For maximum benefit apply last thing at night – the warmth of your bed will help your skin absorb the lotion. And focus on areas that tend to be drier, like your extremities.

To buy Anthony Logistics Glycerine Hand and Body Lotion click here.

Grooming Guru Essentials are the products I genuinely love and have used as part of my own routine.

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