Matt Cardle: a slight case of over-grooming?

I’m sorry but I feel utterly compelled to comment on X-Factor finalist Matt Cardle’s transformation from good-looking painter-decorator with a great voice to over-preened, tangerine monster. This is a shot of  him getting ready for the show with a last-minute pluck and paint. But really, what show is he getting ready for? RuPaul’s Drag Race?  So men – if you’re listening take my sage advice: plucked eyebrows and spray tans are best left to the ladies. And those wanting to be ladies of course…

5 thoughts on “Matt Cardle: a slight case of over-grooming?

  1. I shall be taking your sage advice Guru.

    What was he thinking (or how much pressure did his advisors put on him) to go down this route. Surely his appeal was ‘rough andready builder with the voice of an angel’ – not preened, LA pop boy.

    Spray tan = wrong for men although not sure I’m with you on plucked eyebrows. I’d be Sir Bernhard Ingham if I didn’t pluck

  2. KatyH

    Agreed! he wears more make up than Dannii. One week on the Xtra factor he was the bulb off Eddie Izzard. Cheeks caked in blusher, way too much stage make up and glossy lips. Looks kinda cool if you are Boy George but not if you are trying to pull off the ‘i’m just a humble tradesman’ look. Someone get Matt some facial wipes!

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