Roja Dove’s new gig creates unnecessary Buzz

Few things set the beauty or grooming worlds alight more than a little out-of- character behaviour. Imagine for example, if Chanel announced that Jackie Stallone was going be the new face of Mademoiselle or Lynx produced a bodyspray that didn’t double up as a fly spray?

And now the beauty and grooming worlds have a new scandal to drop their jaws over – esteemed perfumier Roja Dove (the the world’s sole Professeur de Parfums no less and one of the most respected noses in the industry) has created a brand new fragrance for – draw a deep breath – The Sun.

In a way that only an industry steeped in snobbery can react, the news that someone so top end should collaborate with something so positively low rent has elicited gasps of incredulity. How could he? What was he thinking? Can it really be called… Buzz? I can actually hear the cupcakes dropping as I write.

Well, I don’t know what his motivation is but suspect the answer may be as simple as a. he got paid a shitload of money to do it (and who amongst us hasn’t done work we’re not proud of when the money has been too good to refuse?), b. he simply fancied the challenge of working out of his comfort zone (he can’t produce fragrances for Arab princes every day of the week after all) or c. maybe the tabloid had a great story involving him, The Triads and a that fat bird from Eastenders and simply cut a deal.

At the end of the day, though, Roja is a bespoke perfumier (and one of the best) so his job is to create fragrances to order. Nothing shocking there. But anyway, who cares? Hugh Grant had his Divine Brown moment and when you spend all day in the firmament there’s nothing more alluring than a faint whiff of filth. I do know one thing though – they sure as hell won’t be buying it in Liverpool.

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