New Remington Connector – plug and play perfection

As someone who’s sported a beard (well, a close approximation of a beard)  for over five years now I can safely say if there’s one thing I do know all about it’s beard trimmers. Trust me, I’ve tried them all.  From dinky little ones to big, stubble-munching muthas. And I’m always left disappointed.

The last one I used (the Philips Turbovac) nearly drove me to wet shaving such was its inadequacy (it’s big as a house, doesn’t suck and can’t get to those tricky bits under your hooter).

So, it is with much delight that I can tell you that the new Remington Connector is quite brilliant.

Not only does it power through facial hair, giving nice and even results, it manages to reach those awkward bits and – most gloriously of all – you can actually charge it up via your computer’s USB port. One day all grooming gadgets will be like this.

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One thought on “New Remington Connector – plug and play perfection

  1. Andy Barnett

    Is this trimmer waterproof? I’ve used similiar Remington’s in the past which were usablee in the shower (very handy). Recently i’ve only been able to find a ladies Remington (bikini trimmer) that was suitable as waterproof. This however only cut to 3mm shortest and i want something that goes to 1.5mm.
    I’ve also found the trimmers easier and less clumsy to use in shaving my head as much as my beard.
    Thanks Andy

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