Aramis plays it cool

Arriving to the press inside its own little refrigeration unit, Aramis Cool Blend, Estee Lauder’s latest take on Aramis Classic aims to cash in on the upcoming summer fragrance market with a lighter, fresher, variant hoping to grace travellers’ washbags this year.
Retaining some of the original fragrance’s spiciness it adds a zesty blend of bergamot, lemon peel and lime to the mix in an attempt to give it a crisper edge. And it does. And it’s nice enough. But more often than not variants are like movie sequels – good fun but not a patch on the original (remember Grease 2?).
And so it is with this. Don’t get me wrong,  I do like it, but – old curmudgeon that I am – I’ll still be sticking to my Aramis Classic. A true, all-time great, it remains a fabulous fragrance over forty years since its launch and I actually love wearing it in the summer, just as it comes.

Aramis Cool Blend is available from 1st March.

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