Insider Interview: Celebrity hair Stylist Oliver Woods

As well as being Garnier Fructis’ Style’s Celebrity Stylist, Oliver Woods has dressed the tresses of some of the world’s leading stars including Robbie Williams, Jude Law and Daniel Craig. He’s also a thoroughly lovely chap. Here he answers a few questions for my regular ‘insider interview’ spot.

GG: What’s the biggest mistake men make when it comes to looking after their hair?
OW: They don’t use conditioner very often, plus they over-do it on the product. Golden rule: a little bit is better than a lot!
GG: What’s your best tip for great-looking hair?

OW: Don’t over-wash your hair. People tend to wash there hair every day but it’s not necessary as you’re just washing out  the natural oils. Every other day is much kinder to the scalp as well.

GG: Which male celeb do you reckon has the best hair style at the moment?

OW: Robbie Williams, for his timeless look.
GG: What’s your best tip for men whose hair is thinning?

OW: Cut it short if possible, it will thicken it up.

GG: Favourite styling product at the moment? I love using a clay at the moment, it’s all about the matte effect.

OW: I like using the Garnier Fructis Style Work it! Twisted Clay.

GG: What are your favorite men’s fragrances?

OW: I love Terre d’Hermes because it has a great freshness, I spray Chanel L’Egoiste just after I’ve been to the gym and I feel like a new man and Dior’s Eau Sauvage is The Daddy –  it keeps me cool calm, and collected.

GG: Next big thing in male haircare?

OW: I love the 50’s rockabilly style at the moment and it’s everywhere in the East End/Soho. It’s even translating into women’s hair styles at the moment.

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2 thoughts on “Insider Interview: Celebrity hair Stylist Oliver Woods

  1. Really interesting article. I wish someone had told me not to wash my hair every day as a lad but now have zero as it is all going (except, strangely, the greys which are thicker). Glad OW has great taste with after shaves. Mine of choice is Terre but also Lolita Lempika for men as the ‘seduction’ choice wonderful smells of violet, smoke and Pernod (I kid you not!) Fantastic.

    Have a great Christmas.


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