ball shaving: below the belt?

It might be one of the lesser known male grooming trends but trust me, ball shaving is big business. Not content with the aesthetic benefits of a little chest hair trimmage or pubic topiary, men are now clamouring for the look and feel of billiard ball balls.

And if you don’t believe me just look at this – a  product from Danish Skincare experts Hans F Hansen called BYB (Below Your Belt) that’s specially designed for boys looking for a perfectly smooth set.

Helpfully, instructions include: “Gently pull down your member so that you can go about the area much easier” and “Stretch out the skin as you gently work your razor whilst pulling your entire package up against your lower belly.” Most exciting bit though is “Feel the skin and shave any area that you may have missed.” Face it, with such a golden opportunity to play with yourself  in the name of looking good, male grooming has never been so much fun.

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