Dove For Men…now ain’t that butch?

Coming to a store near you soon….

Yes, they’ve already road tested it in Italy and rumour is it’s on its way here too. Not sure about the name though. Sounds about as masculine as Tampax For Men to me but I could be wrong….

Incidentally, I’m reliably informed that the video below is nothing more than a marketing project done  by students a few years back and is no reflection of what Dove may do ‘if’ they were to launch a men’s range.  Seemingly, The Dove Men + Care brand (as seen in Italy) has been registered with the Intellectual Property office however…

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One thought on “Dove For Men…now ain’t that butch?

  1. isis

    I have always used dove soap for my own reasons. It always makes my skin feel brand new. No lie. My husband and I been together for 4 years. Him and I share my dove soap for 4 years now and it truely left his skin feeling fine and clean. It finally is time that dove upgraded to making dove for men. Please dove .. . Don’t fail our skin!

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