Too much aftershave tops poll of male grooming faux pas

119762-matte-grey-square-icon-signs-gas-maskA while back I ran a little poll on here to identify the top Male Grooming Faux Pas – you know, those common mistakes that have us reaching for the gas mask/sick bag/divorce courts. Well, the voting came thick and fast and the results surprised even me.

Most heinous crime of all wasn’t manky toenails or picking spots but, to use James Bond’s words, smelling like a tart’s handkerchief, with B.O a close second and dirty fingernails third. Surprisingly, given all the money spent on advertising remedies, dandruff and yellow teeth were much lower down the list, nestling either side of hairy backs (I actually gagged as I wrote that).

So, men, go easy with the eau and stick to the ‘two sprays rule’ I’m always promoting. When it comes to fragrance, less really is more ok?

The complete results.

1. Too much aftershave (24%)

2. Body odour (23%)

3. Dirty fingernails (17%)

4. Dandruff (13%)

5. Hairy back (10%)

6. Yellow teeth (7%)

7. Other (6%)

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4 thoughts on “Too much aftershave tops poll of male grooming faux pas

  1. grooming guru!

    thought i’ll turn to you for recommendations!

    can you recommend some good places in london for men’s facials? am thinking around £50-£60 for a 60min facial. you know of any quality places?

    joe 🙂

    1. Hi Joe,

      My favourites are the Detox Facial at The Refinery ( which is just over your budget or a dermalogica facial ( My absolute fave though is the Urban Cleanse Facial at the Elemis Day Spa ( It’s much pricier though (£115 for 1hr 15 minutes). Bizarrely, I’m not a huge fan of facials but these area all pretty good.


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