Gaultier releases scented USB key

usb hautNow how’s this for good news for fans of Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic Le Male fragrance –  a USB key that gently emits your favourite fragrance as you work! A bit like a really sophisticated Glade Plug In (but with an infinately nicer scent) it’s a brilliant way to improve the air around you (and is especially good if you’re partial to a tuna sandwich at your desk).

They’re free with any purchase of a 75ml or 125ml bottle of  Le Male fragrance at selected Boots stores for the next month or on

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One thought on “Gaultier releases scented USB key

  1. Beth

    Speaking for the almost one-third of the population who gets asthma, migraines, or other unpleasant symptoms from the ingredients in fragrance – be it cologne, perfume, or glade – please note that as much as the user might enjoy it, it is definitely not a way to improve the air, certainly not for other people.

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