want better skin? just bluff it!

NKD003B11 LeGrandBluff Perfector tube 50ml + boxAs a die-hard Brit I’m loath to complement out Gallic brothers on anything unless I absolutely have to. Oh, I used to love Gauloises. And if pushed, I’m happy to say that the Eiffel Tower is… well, gentil de regarder. But that’s about it. So you can imagine how it pains me to praise one of the two brand new products from French skincare company Nickel.  But I’m going to anyway.

Recognising that men like nothing better than an instant fix, their Le Grand Bluff Perfector is a genius product that minimises pores, evens out skin tone, masks any imperfections  and instantly mattifies skin at the same time.  It’s all down to trickery of course  (light-reflecting particles, micro-powders to absorb excess oil etc) but who cares when the results are fantastic (and they are)?

The other product meanwhile, is a Self Tanner. This too delivers good results but don’t believe the hype about it having a fragrance to mask the tell-tale smell of DHA, the tanning agent that turns you brown – you’ll still smell like a WAG in a rain storm.

Still, thanks to the Perfector I’m looking good. Or, if you must, regard bon.

Perfector is available nationwide, priced £22 and the Self Tanner is £19.50. For stockists call 08457 697072.

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