eat less, stay young

monekysYes, you can use all the lotions and potions you like in an effort to hold back the years but according to a new study published in US journal Science, cutting your calories is still the best way to slow down the ageing process.  The 20-year study, using monkeys, showed that restricting calorie intake by 30% has a direct bearing on age-related illnesses. What’s more, the monkeys looked younger  as a result (both monkeys in the pic are 27 but the one on the right is the one who scoffed less). Whether the effects would be the same in humans is still unclear (though there’s already evidence to suggest that less calories = less disease) and no one’s saying starvation is the key to eternal youth but the message is clear – you really will pay for that extra slice of pie!

PS. I should point out that I in no way condone experimentation on animals in the pursuit of information about the ageing process. And neither do Peta. For more information see this.

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