Garnier at Wimbledon – a good call

garnier 1Reluctant as I am to admit it, one of my favourite activities during Wimbledon (apart from giggling at the the ubiquitous grunting) is spotting something almost as British as the overpriced Pimms (£6.30 a glass this year)  – the sunburn. What is it with us Brits? Why are we so incapable of doing the decent thing and slapping on the sunscreen?

Yesterday while I killed time before the Andy Murry match on Centre Court I spotted all manner of summer skin disasters – burnt shoulders, charred toes, fried foreheads and  peculiar ‘peep-hole’ burns cause by women forgetting they had dresses on with cut-outs on the back.



garnier-2-1Being of Celtic complexion I made sure I was fully factored up before I left the house but it was comforting to see that Garnier’s life-saving  Ambre Solaire girls were on hand to dish out free protection to anyone in need (they even gave me a quick top up with some Clear Protect Spray). Of course, it’s easy to see their presence as a cynical marketing excercise but there was no hard sell or aggressive sales patter, just a friendly smile, some useful  advice on sun protection and a free spray to make sure you didn’t end up the colour of a Wimbledon  strawberry. All-in-all a good call from Garnier and one which may, without being over dramatic,  even save a few lives.  


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