Mind boggling


My pal the British Beauty Blogger just posted a fascinating little analysis of the often complex relationship between bloggers and PRs. Click here to have a read. Seemingly, mind-boggled brand managers in the US and considering whether to sever ties with bloggers for fear of getting embroiled into a debate about industry ethics (in short one about whether bloggers can be knobbled). Bless them.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I applaud their discovery of a moral compass. But with print media likely to go the way of the cassette tape and vinyl in the coming years I do fear for their future. If they sever ties with bloggers who exactly will they be promoting their (often rubbish) stuff to in the future? Each other? Oh, honestly. Just as well their UK counterparts don’t have time for such ‘moral dilemmas’.

PS. She also managed to include the word ‘homily’ in her post which I think is fantastic because it’s such a lovely word!

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