The return of Halston

Halston ManAs soon as the iconic Halston fashion brand was brought back to life last year by Tamara Mellon it was almost inevitable that a reinvigoration of the fragrance franchise would be next. And sure enough, this kicks off next month with the addition of new fragrances for both men and women.

It certainly looks superb, in its Elsa Peretti-designed bottle, but to me Halston Man – the new men’s fragrance – is a slightly coy and restrained attempt at capturing the essense of the designer. This was, after all, the man whose second home was Studio 54 and whose best friends were so famous they had long since dispensed with annoying little things like surnames (think Liz, Liza, Bianca, Andy, Cher, Jackie….).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice enough fragrance. It’s crisp and spicy and has a warm, sensual dry down that’s masculine and lasting. But then, so does everything these days. If I sound a wee bit underwhelmed it’s just that I expected a new Halston fragrance to go that extra mile to be like the man whose name it bears – ie. a true original.

Halston Man is available exclusively from Harrods from 20th July.

Its excellent predecessors, Halston Z-14 and Catalyst, can still be tracked down online with a bit of detective work.

For more info on the brand go to and for more info on the man himself have a look at this…

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