well, burger me! Burger King launch a fragrance!

flame-2We all have our guilty pleasures and I’m afraid mine’s Burger King. I’ve never been a McDonalds fan. Apart from the fact that the police always seem to be arresting a customer outside my local branch I just hate those plastic buns. But every now and then I do submit to the lure of a BK Bacon Double Cheeseburger (though the now-defunct Mushroom Double Swiss was my absolute favourite).

Anyway, this week sees Burger King swap beef for basenotes with the launch of their first male fragrance, Flame. I kid you not. What’s more of a shock, though, is the fact that it’s actually pretty good. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s one of the best fragrances I’ve smelt all year. Seriously. It’s miles better than the stuff being churned out by some of the big fashion houses at the moment.

Sure, it has a kind of Seventies macho vibe about it and it’s fronted by Piers Morgan rather than some Hollywood hotshot, but its unique grilled beef accord (surely a first for male fragrance) is a damn sight more interesting than boring old cedarwood or tonka bean. Seemingly, when Flame launched in the US it sold out within four days so it’ll be fascinating to see whether that phenomena is repeated over here. But anyway, as mass market smellies go, Flame is a  real ‘Whopper’ (sorry)!

Available from Selfridges and www.red5.co.uk, priced £4.99

For more info go to www.firemeetsdesire.com

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