insider interview – Anthony Sosnick

tony_poster_1_lighterThe first time I met Tony Sosnick, founder of the hugely successful U.S grooming brand Anthony Logistics,  he was just introducing the range to these shores. That was probably about eight years ago now and since then the brand has become one of the most popular cult grooming brands in the UK. His Algae Facial Cleanser is one of my all-time favourite skincare products so it’s great to be able to get him to share some of his insights for this week’s insider interview.

GG: So, Anthony, what’s men’s biggest mistake when it comes to grooming?
AS: One of the biggest mistakes is to not cleanse first. Cleansing before you shave, moisturise or anything else is vital. Think of it this way, you’d never wax your car without washing it first would you?

GG: What’s your favourite fragrance?
AS: I’m creature of habit. I love Gendarme and have for years.

GG: Biggest change in male grooming in the last five years?
AS: I would have to say the introduction of Anti-Aging products and the variety now available for men. Women have had them for years but this is something fairly new for guys and fortunately the technology can support the demand at this time.

GG: Desert island grooming product?
AS: A body cleansing gel – especially one with high quality ingredients and several moisturizing properties. If you’re on a desert island you need to stay clean from head to toe. You never know who you might find behind the bushes….

GG: Next big thing in male grooming?
AS: I think more products that cater to Anti-Aging. As baby boomers become more aware of these products the demand will increase. Also, with the economy the way it is and the way peoples’ mindsets have changed, I believe you will find many more upscale products at the mass level. I don’t mean that their quality will trump those at the prestige level but they will certainly be of a higher quality than what you see on the market now. I also think that a larger variety will become available to cater to those guys who might look to trade down.

GG: How influential is the internet when it comes to male grooming?
AS: Oh, very much so. Men’s grooming is all about education and making the male shopper feel comfortable while making his purchase. The Internet is an excellent resource for both!

The Anthony Logistics range is available from

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