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farenheitSometimes re-discovering a classic fragrance is a bit  like bumping into a friend  you haven’t seen for ages. They might have been in your consciousness for ever but with the passage of time you’d forgotten how much fun they can be or how important they were to you.  And so it is with Christian Dior’s Farhenheit. With me anyway. Launched back in 1988, it has almost become the Marmite of men’s fragrances – instantly dividing the world between people who love it and those who think it smells faintly of, er,  creosote. 


Personally, I loved it back then (I wore it during my ‘year off’ after university) and, smelling it today for the first time in nearly 20 years, I love it just as much now. An unusual and distinctive blend of hawthorn, honeysuckle, sandalwood and lenstiscus (from an evergreen shrub) it’s fantastically warm and leathery and hails from a time when men’s fragrances actually dared (or bothered) to be different.  Now, how radical is that as a concept?

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