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As Brand Communications Manager of P&G Grooming James Nunn is a man with big responsibilities (not to mention annoyingly good skin). At the annual Beauty Magazine awards last year he also revealed himself to be quite a nifty mover on the dancefloor, which I’m sure he’ll be thrilled about me mentioning here. But enough of all that, it’s his insights into male grooming I’m interested in. And if anyone knows what it’s all about he does…


GG: Men’s biggest grooming mistake?

JN: Not getting the basics right! It’s a mistake because women do take notice. In fact 73% of women think men who take care of themselves are more successful. Grooming is easy and economical, so having clean hair, a good shave and fresh breath is a no-brainer!

GG: Favourite fragrance?

10000649_0001-mainJN: BOSS by HUGO BOSS – a modern classic.

GG: Biggest change in male grooming in the last five years?

JN: Attitudes are changing when it comes to skincare. While half of guys admit to using a skin care product, fewer than 20% actually bought their own (which means they’re nicking their partners Olay). But as role models like Jonny Wilkinson open up about their own grooming regimes, the man on the street is becoming more confident and less embarrassed about their skincare needs.

GG: Desert island grooming product?

gilletteJN: Gillette Series Moisturiser with SPF 15 – no sunburn for me thanks!

GG: Next big thing in male grooming?

JN: Oral Care – In these tough times, guys are doing everything possible to build their confidence at work. You never get a second chance to make that first impression!

GG: How influential is the internet when it comes to male grooming?

JN: Guys spend time researching everything online before they buy, be it a laptop, a new phone or the latest grooming gadget. These days the internet is an indispensible tool. But beyond simply looking for recommendations and solutions to common problems, guys are taking notice of new fashion, lifestyle and grooming trends from around the globe. The internet and blogs like Grooming Guru are the influential research tools for guys.

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