insider interview – liz earle

Liz Earle

One of the most famous names in the skincare industry (she even has an MBE for her services to it) Liz Earle has always viewed looking good from an holistic standpoint. In an industry obsessed by technology her natural approach is as refreshing as it is convincing. Here she shares a few insider thoughts on male grooming.

GG: Best skincare tip?

LE: Cleansing is the foundation to great-looking skin.

GG: Best credit-crunch busting grooming tip?

LE: Multi-tasking skincare is a great way to make your routine work harder for you. It’s worth using the pure muslin cloth provided with our Liz Earle for Men Cleanse & Polish, for example, as this gives the skin the added benefit of daily light exfoliation. This in turn helps speed up skin cell renewal, lifts away dead skin cells and unblocks pores.

GG: Most common mistake men make when it comes to grooming?

LE: Not enough men moisturise and moisturising is key to keeping your skin in a healthy and hydrated condition. Moisturisers essentially work by preventing transdermal moisture loss from within the upper levels of the skin. The best ingredients for helping the skin to retain its own moisture reserves are plant oils, as they mimic the skin’s own naturally effective moisture barrier, sebum. Look for moisturisers with a high content of natural source vitamin E and hyaluronic acid (a natural moisturising factor found in younger skins and some good rehydrating skin serums) and apply after shaving each day.

GG: Next big grooming trend?

LE: You only have to look at the number of new men’s grooming lines to realize that men are becoming ever more concerned with maintenance regimes. There has also been a rise in the demand for specific spa treatments for men as they are becoming more vocal about wanting to stay looking their best.

For more info on Liz’s men’s range click here.

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