for all the men you are? bleugh!


Now, forgive the rant but I simply have to get something off my chest. It’s about that new Right Guard ad.

It takes a lot to annoy me, it really does, but frankly my daily televisual experience is being utterly ruined by those God-awful Right Guard 3-D Antiperspirant ads (the one where Mr Average leaves his bathroom only to split into three different personalities – father, co-worker and all-round top bloke. It’s like Flora Rheta Schreiber’s famous multiple-personality masterpiece Sybil, only without the douche and the happy ending.

But it’s not this naff ad-land vision of the modern, multi-tasking man that gets my goat, it’s the cheesefest of a strapline. I can barely bring myself to write it but here goes…‘for all the men you are’. Good God! It’s like a second rate ‘The best a man can get’ but without the redeeming catchiness or, I suspect, the longevity. Quite frankly (and appropriately given the context) it stinks.

And I so wanted to be able to provide a link to the ad so you can relive its glorious crassness for yourselves but try as I might I can’t seem to find it online. I did spot something labeled ‘funny commercial (Right Guard)’ on YouTube but that clearly can’t be it. So I can only assume it’s hiding. Wonder why?

PS. I used Right Guard once and ended up smelling like a Cornish pasty. True.

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