fusion conclusion

vlcsnap-72766According to my closest pals one of my least endearing qualities (other than my standoffishness and an unerring knack of saying ‘I told you so!’ when things go cataclysmically wrong) is my innate scepticism. I am the world’s worst doubting Thomas, from a long line of doubting Thomases, whose family name is (rather appropriately) Thomas.

I’m no less sceptical of all the claims made by grooming products (many of which have undergone ‘rigorous’ testing on five people in Switzerland/India/Stoke Poges).

So when Gillette launched a multi-blade razor onto the market many moons ago I was, to say the least, rather doubtful of its efficacy. In honesty, I thought it was just a cheap male marketing gimmick – you know, ‘bigger is better’, ‘more is…more’. Of course, that rather changed once I actually tried the product for myself.

Having sported something approximating a beard for several years I’m actually more of a stranger to razors than most, though I still have to use one shave my cheeks (yes, I’ve heard all the jokes thanks…) and having tried numerous ones I can truthfully say that more blades = better results.

vlcsnap-73573But don’t take it from me. Last night on BBC Two’s Professor Regan’s…Health Spa Gillette’s multi-blade technology was put the test. The Prof herself is a bit annoying if you ask me (a bit like the interfering mum you dread) but the insight into what goes on at Gillette’s Technology Centre in Reading was fascinating. The centre itself is legendary (a bit like the mysterious Area 61 in Nevada but without the aliens and spaceships. Perhaps.) and it’s a treat to see what goes on inside. And there were some wonderful glimpses of ‘human testing’. So if you’ve always wanted to know why five blades are better than one have a look at this.

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One thought on “fusion conclusion

  1. I always want to know what goes on at these labs: inside my head beauty/grooming stuff is made by elves…just somewhere…..! You never really think about the origins and the input and even the technicalities of these things….

    PS: I am going to invent a 65 blade razor that will shave you in one stroke from top to toe……genius, no?

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