insider interview – Noella Gabriel

noella-gabriel-smallThe other week I was lucky enough to share an afternoon tea with Noella Gabriel, Director of Product & Treatment Development at Elemis (left). Quite often at these industry catch-ups I find my mind idly wandering to thoughts of McCain’s luxury oven chips, the Retail Price Index or (when things are really bad) the state of Britney’s thighs. But not with Noella. As well as being one of the funniest people in the business, she’s also one of the most passionate and inspiring. And, frankly, in an industry where genuine passion is thin on the ground and inspiration is even thinner, her enthusiasm is a delight to behold. So thanks for that unwasted hour and a half Noella. And thanks, too, for agreeing to share a few words of wisdom for this week’s Insider Interview.

GG: Men’s biggest grooming mistake?
Using cheap and cheerful shaving foam…lads, you do pay the price!

GG: What’s the most popular men’s treatment at the moment?

NG: At the Elemis day-spa and at retail the boys love the Urban Cleanse Facial.


GG: Best skincare tip for men?

NG:Put an oil under the shaving foam for a super-smooth, close, clean shave.

GG: Next big thing?

NG: Well, the good news is that men are spending a little more time on daily grooming and experimenting with textures – oils, serums and balms. The awareness is growing around the use of these different textures to help skin respond more quickly.

For more info on Elemis and the Time For Men range go to

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