insider interview – jason shankey

js-newProviding this week’s insider insights is that ‘other’ famous Grooming Guru, celebrity barber Jason Shankey, whose male-only emporiums  in Belfast and London have become essential stop-offs for the well-groomed.

GG: What’s the most popular male grooming treatment at the moment?

JS: With the great summer weather on its way, waxing has once again hit the number one spot. Chest, back and shoulder waxing are the most popular waxing treatments.

GG: Men’s biggest grooming mistake?

JS: Failing to properly prepare the face for shaving, and shaving in the opposite direction to the hair’s natural growth.

GG: What’s the one male grooming product you couldn’t live without?

JS: My Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula. It leaves your skin looking and feeling amazing!

GG: Favourite fragrance?

JS:Allure by Chanel.



GG: Best haircare tip for men?

JS: Wash it with a quality shampoo, not shower gel! A healthy scalp helps produce healthy hair.

GG: Best skincare tip for men?

JS: Splash cold water on your face straight after shaving, before you apply your moisturiser. It tones your skin and stops the moisturiser clogging your pores, which would otherwise result in blackheads and whiteheads.


GG: Next big thing?

 JS: Concealer. It’ll soon be normal for guys to use it to cover blemishes and spots on their face.


For more info on Jason’s salons go to

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