How to fake it (convincingly)

pantoneWell, spring appears to have finally sprung. The sun is out (for the moment) and the sandals are already out (a bit prematurely if you ask me but still….). And already I’ve seen a fair few sets of pasty Anglo-Saxon arms, legs and feet. It’s at exactly at this time of year that I get asked about how to use fake tan and sometimes get calls from friends who’ve ‘done a  Tweed’ (as in Jack, as in orange and streaky) and wonder what went so badly wrong. In most cases the simple answer is they didn’t read the instructions (men never do – we just like to think we know it all). 

So if anyone’s about to have a go with the fake tan my simple advice is this: always, always exfoliate first with a body scrub or body buffing mitt. It’s a simple step but it makes all the difference. Do it and  you’ll remove any dry skin cells which have a nasty habit of greedily absorbing more their fair share of the self-tanner, leaving dark, uneven, streaky patches. 


Focus, especially, on the  elbows, knees and heels where skin is driest and no-one will ever know you’re such a  faker.

I wonder whether Jack can access this blog in stir? 


PS. Put that golf club down Jack. I’m only joshing you. 

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